Philippe Etienne
Technical translator English>French


As we all know to our cost, not all translations are of equal quality.

Who has never struggled to understand incomprehensible assembly instructions, make sense out of meaningless instruction sheets, apply inaccurate procedures, get the point of pointless presentations or stay awake while reading boring marketing brochures? We have all had similar experiences and have all cursed the perpetrator. Is that the kind of impression you want to leave your customers with? No, of course not – you want to promote your products and services, create a good first impression or consolidate your corporate image, and not leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths.

In order to help you, Philippe can provide translation services in keeping with your expectations, and even surpassing them, while maintaining the original register, by reproducing factual and accurate technical instructions and presentations and adopting a punchy, conversational style for marketing brochures and press releases.

Coming from a scientific background and intent on conveying the English concepts into natural French, Philippe focuses equally on transmission of content and on style. Rest assured your translated texts will be accurate and will flow like they were especially written in French for you and your target market.

The use of dedicated translation assistance tools guarantees consistency of terminology and phraseology throughout your project, whatever its scale.

Lastly, you can be sure that all agreed deadlines will be met as we all know how costly delays can be for both sides.

Within the framework of provision of regular services, Philippe will be able to assist your development and prove himself to be a valuable longstanding member of your team. The improved quality of your technical translations and of your English-French terminology management outsourced to a competent and experienced translator, as Philippe has proven himself to be time and time again over the years, will pay for itself and result in added value by consolidating your customer base and attracting new trade.

Types of documents

On-line support, user manuals, installation and maintenance procedures, reports, company presentations, commercial and marketing brochures, scientific articles, training materials, software interfaces, technical specifications, websites, white papers, press releases, newsletters, clinical studies, etc.

Fields of competence

IT, networks, nuclear power, industry, electricity generation, cardiology, endoscopy, instrumentation, automation, physics, chemistry, automotive, electronics, mechanics, LV and MV electricity, transport, rotating machinery, environment, agriculture, hydrocarbons, paper, industrial safety, etc.