Philippe Etienne
Technical translator English>French


Here are some testimonials received from satisfied customers. Join the club!

In English:

  • The instructors’ comment is that this material is excellent in translation accuracy, readability, flow etc. They are very pleased that it has gone so well. That the delivery was made on, or in some cases ahead of time, has also made things much easier for us.
  • As far as I am concerned you have become our first choice English-French technical translator.
  • Thanks for the translation, which we have now read through, and it is really perfect!
  • Thanks very much by the way for the software translation which was superb.
  • This is just to let you know that [...] found your translation perfect. No need to change anything. Great job!
  • I am positively very surprised by the quality of all the [...] files translated in French I had to review.
  • I can wait [...] until tomorrow. You are one of "my" best localizers so I will indeed wait.
  • Thank you very much for your perfect work on [...] ! I look forward to working with you again.
  • Many thanks once again for your first class service.
  • It was really nice to work with you and you can be sure that I will contact you next time!
  • Our client said that it was well translated and read very well - this was an unprompted comment!
  • Thank you for the excellent translation you supplied.
  • [...] asked me to pass you their thanks and congratulations for the very quick turn-around and excellent translation quality provided
  • The previous translations by the way were really good. Many thanks.
  • Thank you for the translation which we have duly received and proved. It was fine.
  • I understand from [...] that your files are excellent and the translation smooth and polished.
  • Our French guy has read the translations that you sent over and he says that they are great.
  • Thanks so much for the translation. It’s good work!

In French:

  • Notre client est très satisfait de la traduction [...] livrée ce matin.
  • Nous avons eu hier soir un feedback du client concernant la partie [...]. résultat : "Congratulations".
  • Pour info, ce client est très content avec les traductions [...] donc merci pour votre travail !
  • Tout d’abord félicitations ! Le test que tu as fait pour [...] a été accepté.
  • [...]  nous a contactés pour nous dire qu’il était globalement très satisfait de notre prestation pendant 2 mois dans la grande affaire [...] que vous tous connaissez très bien.
  • tu as fait du bon boulot, ca fait plaisir de trouver enfin un traducteur français dont le travail est en phase avec le mien
  • Merci pour avoir été disponibles (parfois même le week-end !) et d’avoir accepté de travailler dans des conditions si difficiles [...] et de le faire si bien.
  • Ce que j’aime en vous c’est que malgré votre horaire surchargé, vous respectez les dates d’échéance.
  • Le client m’a dit que la qualité de la traduction était excellente!