Philippe Etienne
Technical translator English>French

If you’re looking for a reliable technical translation service from English into French, regardless of the type of document: user manual, marketing brochure, press release, software interface, to name but a few,

If the texts to be translated are in electronic format,

If quality takes priority and you are aware of how much inappropriate translation that does not fulfill your requirements can adversely affect your schedule, budget and corporate image,

If you would like your documents to be transcreated and not simply translated so that they sound like they were written in the target language,

look no further - this website is for you. It provides an overview of Philippe's background, translation experience and what he is capable of offering, provides customer feedback and enables you to contact him for further details and discussion of your projects.


  • Full-time independent translator since 2000
  • Scientific training and qualification (equivalent to school leaving certificate +5 years)
  • Reputed for his punctuality and reliability
  • Tailor-made translation service
  • Two years working in the event organization sector in the UK
  • One year working in service industries in Morocco
  • Short-term hands-on experience working in various sectors in France, such as: banking, automotive, agri-food, health, retail, IT, transport and handling
  • Use of quality assurance tools and specialized terminology databases